Morning baths!

The best way to start the day is a warm bath. Just a plain bathtub filled with hot water is such a treat! You can add some bath bombs and accessories for a spa-like feeling, to pamper yourself with.

As for the rest of the day, I’ll spend it with my cousins who are here for a visit. We’re eating at a fancy italian place tonight and watching a play afterwards. I’m quite looking forward to it. It’s a ballet about prostitutes on crack (This should be interesting…)! It got the best reviews online though so I hope it’ll be worth what be payed for the tickets!

Now I think I’ll go downstairs and make some toast before getting ready.

Have a lovely saturday! x




Good sleeping habits: Get Better Rest.


I know it is so cliché, but I (like most other teens), love to sleep! Once I’m in my bed I simply can’t get up! Maybe because it is so comfortable, warm and relaxing. Or maybe because it as soon as I get up, the day begins. Either way, teenagers are the most vunerable of ages and we are in the most need of sleep. It is very hard to find time to sleep with all lf your hard work, and even if you do, sleeping isn’t such an easy rhing. For me, I can just lie down and fall asleep with no problem, but with others, they have a harder time to get a good nights sleep.

Here are some ways to get better sleep:

1) Turn off the electronics. Nothing says: “Something’s happening” like a buzzing cell phone. Turn off all the electronics at least 30 mins before you go to bed, just so your brain has time to rewind and isn’t obsessing over facebook, tumblr or skype.

2) Avoid coffee or tea. Coffee and tea makes you alert and makes it so much harder to sleep! If you’re thirsty, drink some juice or water.

3) Don’t have your alarm clock facing you. You need to avoid temptation to check what time it is and calculate how long you have left to sleep. If you realize that you have 5 hours left of sleep, you’re going to get stressed and deprive you of even more sleep!

4) Have comfortable pillows and sheets. It’s horrible to wake up with a sore neck from a hard pillow, instead, buy one that feels nice and right for you. Also, make sure all of your sheets and blankets are to your liking and that your matress isn’t too soft or hard.

5) Avoid naps. They may seem right at the time and you may feel refreshed when you wake up, but it destroys your sleeping habits and makes it so hard to sleep at night. Instead try to get your work done in order to get a full nights rest.

6) Take a hot shower or bath before going to bed. It’ll help you relax and rewind you so you’re ready to rest.

Don’t forget that all teens struggle with trying to find time with all of their things, but try not to avoid sleeping. It is very important and good sleep can make you happier, get you good grades and even help friendships!

Now I think i should get ready for bed since I am so tired! Good night.

xoxo Elvira





A lot of people in my grade are going on diets. I’m not so sure if I should. I’m quite skinny (mainy due to my high metabolism) and I don’t really need one, but I don’t want to appear as weird either. I guess I’ll eat a huge breakfast, skip lunch at school, and then endulge in all of my food at home. I’m also going to try and work out. It’s hard since I never find the time to do it! But maybe if I finish my homework earlier I’ll have time to pop out for a quick run. Then again, it’s winter and totally freezing outside – so I’ll wait for spring! Then I can focus on getting a nice bikini body for summer. Do you have any advice for me?


Angry and upset.

So basically I thought I would just use this blog to blog about all the good things in my life, but let’s be honest: there are a lot of bad things in a teenagers life too. For example, this week was going to be an amazing week. I was supposed to go skiing with my two best friends (now ex- friends) but everything flipped around. So now I’ve spent the whole week sulking in my room (hence the: “lazy sunday”. It should be: “Lazy always”) It would take me ages to explain everything but in conclusion – being a teen sucks.

Feel free to tell me all about your problems though, I’m good at giving advice to anyone but myself.



My grade is a sea full of annoying, bitchy, fake, stupid fish. Ugh.

Lazy Sunday

I’ve basically spent the whole day drinking tea, taking a bath and reading books. It may not be a very productive day but it sure was relaxing. I’ve also been on instagram (my new obsession!) and watched some TV as well. I hate the fact that school starts again tomorrow. I did not miss algebra and biology. As for now though, I’m relaxing im bed with my Ipad and a warm cup of Earl Grey tea – with a teaspoon of honey of course! Take a look at some of my instagram photos:


I bathed in a lush bath bomb called: Big blue. It made the entire bathtub navy blue and had a strong lavender scent. Needless to say: it was lovely.


And, my current favorite book. I can’t get my nose out of it! It’s so adorable and makes you really happy. I recommend it to anyone who needs something to accompany them with a cup of tea!

Now I should probably go and crack open my algebra book and do some homework. I’m a procrastinator, which when it comes to homework, is horrible.

Hope you all are having an amazing day,

xoxo- Elvira


Yesterday I took a trip to the city with my besties and we went on a huge shopping spree! We hit all of the best stores and I found some great pieces of clothing to add to my wardrobe. It was a bit frustrating, since most all of the spring clothing was out, but I couldn’t buy any of it since right now it’s -3 degrees celcious! I still managed to find some great pieces from these fabulous stores: Hollister, American Apparel, Zara and Forever 21.




I love all of the items I bought. My favorite piece of clothing are a pair of dark-wash jeggings from Hollister! They are just perfect and so comfortable! I can recommend them to anyone who doesn’t like to wear jeans but still doesn’t want to wear leggings as pants. At American Apparel I bought a neon-pink hoodie that I can also recommend! I already own a grey one and I am so in love with it! Their hoodies are really good quality and so soft. I don’t usually buy a lot of clothes from Americal Apparel since they are super expensive, but I had some extra pocket-money left over so I figured I should buy something I’d really enjoy.